Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I'll start the story off with, "There once was a man."  Actually that's not true.  There once was a boy of who's time to become a man was over due.  He met a girl.  Yes a real girl, not of age to be a woman.  Her head down low, with insecurity, was his motivation to talk to her.

He CALLED her beatiful, baby, gorgeous-anything that made her cheeks go red.  He SAID he loved her.  He SPOKE of a future with her which made her hope of a better life than she thought she had on her own.

She had faith in him and trusted him.  But, all he did was say some words.  He said those words with ease like he had many months even years of practice.  He perfected the art of this game called Love, or in this case Lust which with many people it gets confusing as to what the difference is.

That boy stole her heart, all that she had-time, money, love-she gave to him and he took advantage of her innocent trust.  This kid's eye was then easily moved to another lover because of his boredom with the girl.  He slipped up and didn't take into consideration his "babygirl" at home.

He didn't care.  He made no excuse and left, leaving the girl completely empty of all she had to offer.  She cried out silently.  She cried out silently.  She cried out silently not thinking anyone would hear her cry.

One Man hears her.  She said, "No not again.  I don't need any help from your kind."  But he didn't leave, he CAME gentley.  He said, "Yes you do.  Let me SHOW you why."  Surprised and confused she wondered what he was going to DO.

He WRAPPED his arms around her, she wept.  He COMFORTED her with a whisper of, "It's okay."  She felt peace.  He STAYED sitting by her side, never taking his eyes off of her.  He WIPED her tears dry with his soft words.  He never failed at MAKING her smile.  He GAVE her all of him and SERVED her because that's what she deserved.  His spirit MADE her complete, full, whole.

She understood.  She finally figured it out.  She realized that what the boy SAID was not love, it was what the Man DID that was.

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