An Act of Giving

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 23:13 -- safj


An act of giving


What is this?


I have no time for social work and “guided bliss”


Well don’t look at me


I have a life


Why can’t the poor work for themselves and be suffice


Here I am working all day and now I have to pay


Money leads to greed, oh please


Money is what drives us to achieve


Haven’t you heard it’s the American dream!


We are no one if we don’t have this green




And then my soul whispers:


Well then Gandhi, Mother Teressa, and Edhi


 Were no one…?



They were not human


It’s not possible


How can you give up everything


For the people that you don’t even know


It was all give and give and nothing will be given back


It’s like a balancing acrobat who,


 no matter how much you layer on top of


Doesn’t topple over


Forever in a status that doesn’t make you lower…?




My Soul laughs in joy:


You see You see


You see the truth


Nothing can make you higher


Then if giving is all you do


Admit it


It’s not the giving what counts


It’s those smile on the faces of the children that can’t even imagine


A world full of happiness that begins to mount


Far and wide is this world we know


So why can’t we just let this generosity flow


Like a summer’s night watching the lightning bugs that glow


They glow and fly, but when one light goes out


Another appears just as bright, or maybe brighter




Okay Okay


So my soul you say


Giving is such an amazing feeling


Filled with love and joy because all your giving’s


Well find me someone who can live without taking


We need money to even drink water  


You see all you’re doing is putting magic in blabber 


My soul smiles thoughtfully and says:


Well didn’t God say to give?


Didn’t messengers of God starve just so their companions could live?


You can’t deny their the highest of status


Don’t you see God is throwing numerous examples at us?


Giving us room to give is enough blessing that is


Why do you think we call God the most giving


Well if Giving is a quality of god


Then why are you so ashamed to give?...




They…they don’t know how hard it is to live in these times


They were superheroes that were majestic and sublime


Nothing that I can do will fill that gap


Of mental un-fulfilment that seems to just grab


At all the things that are shiny and new


Things that my life without can never do




My soul with anger rimmed to the top says:


Are you seriously putting this time as your blame!

Giving is what your missing

That is where we find our peace


Not in the worthless trash that you work so hard to REACH


Do you think it’s really worth it?


TO spend our day and night just so that you can gleam


With joy knowing that what you have others can’t even dream


When you were a baby the first thing you herd


Were the sounds of the world


The words of our lord


That he so generously gave us to know


Now that you’re older


Do you think you’re strong?


Don’t you think hoarding all this stuff is just simply wrong?


Finding the truth wouldn’t have be such a forsaken problem


If you just simply looked away from that smart phone


If you just simply looked to the news


to just one corner of Africa


Which scream poverty?


Which screamed save me…


But what can you save if you cannot save your self


I am just talking and my words are just quotes you hang on shelves


Not words that you follow through


So I take my leave


With this promise


Like Winston Churchill said:


“We make a living by what we get


But we make a life by what we give…”




Wait soul don’t go!


I might be mistaken


What if what I’m doing is not properly taken


Away from the truth I might be


Wrapped in a misguided way of youth


Braily audible my soul whispers:


Well I have warned you…


Now it’s up to you to choose


Fore I am nothing


But the purer form




I am YOU…










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