Act Brave, Kitty.


United States
33° 43' 28.6788" N, 117° 54' 26.3664" W
United States
33° 43' 28.6788" N, 117° 54' 26.3664" W

This is one who creates, who tries to thrive, especially because she was dropped into the fierce tidewaves and learned to dive.

She was driven by the power to save herself and survive...

A person who had to escape to the shore, she just wanted to live and nothing more. The one who dared to achieve by doing things... well, a bit differently.

A child who was exposed to the land of broken shores, who was under the teachings of alleged 'mentors'. Be brave, creature, you must attempt to act tough.

Even if you're on the floor and have dirt on your pink tongue.

Fight with all you have so you can soar -

faster and higher than all the other foolish birds.

The birds who whisper scowls and chirp stupidities;

the ones who are angry-

because you were born to sing cheerful melodies...

Soar, my dove, who was abused like a pigeon.

Let all your power expand, let all the rush flow in.

Sweet talk yourself because no one else had,

pick yourself up because no else gave you a helping hand.

Step in once, and leap the second time.

All the teachings you will be grateful for, especially when you first learned how to dive.

Smile and be strong to fulfill other people's needs...

Do you remember when they mentioned crying meant you're weak?

Sob, my child, under the soft veil and whisper sad mutters.

If they ask why you are tearful, admit you're sulken and don't dare stutter.

Sadness is nothing to be ashamed,

no matter what they said- even at the graves.

Repressed all in a bottle long enough, emotions seep into my heart that is not enough.

Enough to manage, enough to control, and enough to contain.

My heart is abundant of sensitivity and love.

Some say that's not a bad thing,

however because of my heart,

I have always been placed below- and never above.

It's lonely down here but

with the solitude, 

you learn how to be there

for yourself in many ways.

Honestly, I can still hear myself recite everyday, 

Act brave, kitty.

Walk up straight,

Don't feel ashamed, kitty.


They're gonna eat you alive if they see your wet eyes, kitty.

It's a dog eat dog world so stop crying, baby.

It's terrifying, I know.

Any kind of war is traumatizing.


But, don't tear up now, kitty.





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