I act like I don’t care,

I act like I don’t need anyone,

Sometimes I even convince myself.

But sometimes it all comes back

All the pain you caused

All the hell you put me through,

It is still there in some deep dark corner of my heart.

You were my best friend

The one I thought I could always count on,

I was wrong

And now when I see you and you act like nothing’s wrong

It makes me mad,

Makes me want to scream and yell and cry

But I know I can’t

I have other’s depending on me.


I put on my cold mask and act like I don’t care

I get closer to not caring, but I am still not there.

One day I will be able to look at you and just walk away.

But for now I will be an actor in my own play.

I am just waiting for the day you walk off the scene.

Because that is the day I will start being the play writer again.


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