Acid Flower

In my time on this earth I have come across many magnificient things.

However nothing has been quite as beautiful as a flower from long ago.

It's not an ordinary flower, it had glimmering white petals detailed with swirls of gold.

A stem as dark as night and black as coal, this small little flower continued to grow all on its own.

It mesmerized me and it enchanted you, we became enthralled with the way it grew.

We never noticed how the rest of the flowers and plants began to wither away.

How everything else else was dead or decayed.

Not even when the soil turned hard and weeds ensnared with thorns began to sprout.

For it was majesty prevailing in a cold, dead, drought.

One day you made the mistake of touching one of the pristine petals in your haste.

Soon you fell ill like the flora that had once been thriving.

You were poisoned and sick, slowly dying.

You called out for me but I could hear no longer.

You were gone and by the time I looked up, You weren't there, the flower was the only thing near.

All alone, I then wondered how had this desolate place became my fate.

I was a fool for realizing eons to late.

The answer was waiting right in front of my eyes.

The Beauty, a mask for well-disguised lies.

Poison, Death, and Destruction were the true form.

I let this small thing take everything away, it had me, under its power.

So I warn with caution, don't be caught by the Acid Flower.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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