Achilles Heel

He stepped up to the starting block,

placed his heel on the back, 

leaned forward; going to jump at his prey any minute.

The whistle blew, he soared.

Listening to heavy sighs hit the air around him.

Thud, thud, thud,

footsteps began to fade.

Third! Second! First!

With end in sight, growing bigger and bigger,

His ankle began to swell with blood,

like a stream of water on a rainy day,

flooding his body keeping him contained, alive, moving.

Overly confident, he heard a sigh right behind his ear, without realizing

Stepping up creeping on him like night on the day

Twinged in the back,

He fell. Frozen in time;

Seconds felt like minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days.

It all stopped.

He lost not only the race but purpose,

the Achilles snapped.

Ending in a blazing fire.



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