Ache and Crumble

My bones oh how they ache and crumbleThe way they tingle with fireDancing at my legs, lapping at my shinsFIre withinThey tinkle as the wind moves themOh how they ache and crumbleEach one creaks and groans with its own innate natureMy toes, pointing for the years of danceMy knees, bending and lengthening carrying me through the steps of lifeMy hips which shake and move me through my hardshipsMy torso, which twists and shouts with motionMy hands, which create. They create art, words, works of art, and they hold loved ones; lost and foundThese all ache and crumbleMy elbows, skinned from those nights at the park when I was smallAlways healed, and bounced back.Something one should always strive to doMy shoulders broad and small, carrying the weight of the worldThe weight of the world settles on my shouldersIt’s apparent in the way I walk, the way I talk, the way I move and create.Yet I do not breakI do not falterI do not waverOr hold steadyI’m the ocean water lapping at your feetPeristantBeautifulAnd uniqueMy neck, covering my voiceThe voice that was used toUplift others, and tear others downIt was used when it was needed most of the timeBut it stayed silent during the most important momentsIt croaked and grumbled but didn’t say a wordMy headFilled with thoughts and images few could understandAlways watching and waiting for a momentAlwaysRacingRunning to a finish line that isn’t definedIt chases and never fails to surprise meAll of these beautifulFragile partsAche and crumbleThey ache and crumbleAche and crumble apart.  



This was a beautiful poem! loved the rhythmic feel and the way it started how it ended. If you want to fix the way it appears, click "edit" and highlight it all, then click the bullet points icon above to make each line a bullet point and then while still highlighted, unselect the bullet-points, I don't know why this works, but I do it for all my poems now though because it prevents the lines from getting squeezed together like that lol. Again tho... great work!!! keep writing :-)


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