The ACE of Hearts!

The Ace of Hearts!

Sometimes I lay awake at night, thinking… hoping… and praying for a new day... A day that will bring less chaos and hurtful memories my way…. A day filled with love and happiness but mostly less drama… a day spent with my deceased daddy and mama.

You see they are in heaven, and have been gone for some time… You may still have your parents but I wished I still had mine.

Sometimes I think of all the fun times we shared, the good, the bad, and those times when I didn’t think they cared.

I think of how they loved me and how we use to play cards all day… Cheating was not the answer, playing smart was the way.  

I wish I could fly because then I can see my parents again… my mentors, my coaches, my DNA, my friends. Still I know there’s nothing in life that I can’t face, because the world only hold kings, it is I who hold the ACE!  


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