Accustomed to Your Face

How is it that we never had anything special

Yet I still have yet to grow accustomed to your face?

How is it that you never spoke words of love 

But your voice still makes me tremble?

How is it that you've never touched me 

yet the sight of you hands warms me?

I've seen you nearly daily

for such a long while

I should be accustomed to you 

as I am with everyone else.

I've never really been one to give special attention

Even secretly to myself

I'm too reserved a girl for that

Yet when you show your face

You do things to my heart

I want to run to you and run away

I want to see you

I want to hide.

You bring out the depth of my emotion

I'm not accustomed to your face.

You still give me butterflies

I tell myself I'm not attracted to you

Yet I deny myself when I see you.

How can I feel this when

you've never given me a reason? 

I've known you so long

Shouldn't I be comfortable?

I don't want to be close to you 

 the quiet voice of logic

Yet my heart cries out in yearning 

Aching to see 

to get a glimpse of your face

To see into your eyes

To read what lies there

You are a mystery 

But I see your soul is bleeding 

I see what others don't 

Your smile is only fake

It desn't reach your eyes like I know it can

I want to be the reason for your smile

I want to feel your lips and feel you wanting me 

Only me and no one else

I can be your joy somehow

To bring you up when you are down

I'll get used to your quirks 

I'll love you for eternity 

Can you do the same for me?

Can you marvel at the sight of me for years to come?

As if you've never seen my heart before? 

Can you yearn my mystery as I do yours?

Would you never grow tired of loving me?

Loyalty isn't hard for me

I was never the popular one 

Would you put all other aside for me?

I don't want to just know your look.

I don't want to just grow accustomed 

to the angles and edges of your face

I want your heart and all its bruises

I want your feelings and your hurt

I want your passion and your vulnerability 

I want to know all of you 

And treasure the feel of you in my fingers

Do you even want all of me? 

I'm not a material girl

Nor that superficial

I would treasure your battered heart alone if you let me.

Will you let me love you ?

Would you love me in return?

Could I give all my trust to you?

With the faith you wouldn't crush it?

Like a hatched eggshell between you palm?

I want to know you 

Not grow accustomed to your face.

I want you to take my breath away 

Even for the years ahead

I want my heart to stall

because it knows the depth of your soul

and all of its secrets...

Would you grow accustomed to my face?

Then walk by without any recognition?

Would you forget you held my trust?

and crush it without a second thought? 

Would you be deaf to my cries?

Would you leave me as inside I died?

As for me, my love, I'll never see you again most likely 

But I haven't grown accustomed to your face...


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