This word and its overall concept belongs to the family of positively connoted words.

Most people like accommodations.

Large print books, room service, bike lanes, first-class seating, expecting mother's parking the list

is endless. However, I think that many of us who like accommodations dislike accommodating.

      I am a black, female, of Congolese origin living in a white, priviliged, man's world.

I lead a beholden life for the sake of "their" comfort.

I must be accommodating in my appearance, my speech, and interests.

Day in and day out my unspoken objective is to make "them" comfortable, no matter the cost. 

I hate being accommodating and though I could stop now, I cower down.

        Accommodation. Perhaps it is something done out of obligation. Something done on the

request of the majority. In any case, there is less joy in accommodating than in receiving





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