Thu, 03/15/2018 - 00:37 -- emonnin


Does it even exist?

High schools, middle schools, elementary's at risk.

the gun in her bag went off but it was only a prequel

three more kids 12-year-old girl shot four people.

Is she going to jail for being given a gun?

these days anybody under the sun

can get one.

It's not his fault but who do her parents blame?

What do they curse when they remember her name?

When they're speaking at the funeral of a daughter taken to soon.

When will we learn that nobody's immune

to the fear, to a bullet to near, to here and there

and listen

we hearing their screams

see the killing of dreams

she was hoping to be a nurse 

and get her degrees

but he was just showing off

talking all the right talk

waving around

the gun hit the ground

shots rung out in the crowd

now she's down for the count

and never waking back up

he's hurt now too

he's not getting back up

he shot himself in the leg

left now to grovel and beg 

for forgiveness

but there's none to be given

in this world that were living in

his crime has a twin, and

a triplet and cousins

he ain't alone 

in his own home,

his prison

to guilt ridden to leave

to sorry to grieve

doesn't believe himself worthy

and he's not in a hurry

but he's ready to end it

maybe see her again

he wants to apologize to his kind old friend

if only he'd known then

what he knows now 

That guns are not meant for fucking around

and should never be left out where easily found

by a child, who won't know any better

and will pull the trigger before reading the black letters


deadly firearm





This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



DAYUM that's a good poem.

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