Accepting Change


If there was one thing i would change

It would be that we were all more open minded

That we did not turn away from anything new

We, as people always talk of change and how its good

But when push comes to shove most do not back their words

We all preach changes that ned to be made

to the economy, government, world, more

But why not change ourselves first?

How can constantly call for big changes when we cannot cope with little everyday changes

That is what must change first you see

Not what everyone is calling for but change to ourselves

Once we learn to change our own hidden feelings on change,

when we can accept changes that dont seem so significant

Only then will we be ready to make the big leaps into real changes

Ironically that is the thing i wish most to be changed

 Not the president, or school system, or anything of that sort

What i believe should first be changed, is how we feal about and deal with change daily


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