Acceptance of Love (Same Sex and Different Races)

A small voice broken in the wind

A firery soul bursting through the flames

A large heart breaking through the seams....

This is them

Loving people in this large world 

Praying, hoping, fighting,

That one day the world will accept them

For who they are

Although others fight for them 

They still face rejection 

They say love is infinite

That it has no limits 

That you can love who you want

And they can love you back

They say it has no gender,

It has no race,

But yet marriage sometimes is considered a discrace,

How can the Earth learn to accept

A concept that is so inept

Each generation must unite

In order to help this fight

For the right 

The right to love

Now I do not know about you

But this is an innate fued

One that has been stirring for centuries

As they hid in secrecy

Sometimes only them and the blankets of the night sky

Knowing about their allabies 

But as a world we can bring them out of the dark 

Into the light, where they can show their spark

For they are just like you and me

Let us bring them out of conformity



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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