Wed, 12/05/2018 - 20:29 -- law0040

Good enough.

Am I?

What is?


Applying for graduate schools.

Will I make it?

Have I done enough?

Will this be the one?




Okay, try again.


More applications.

More time.

More money.


Can I even do this?

Do they think I’m worth it?

Will my perfect future come through?




Okay, get up. Once more.


More rejections.

More self-doubt.

Lower self worth.


Will I ever have my dream?

Has this all been a waste?

Why am I everyone’s second choice?


Everything is out of my control.


The scariest words:

“out of control”


How do I manage?

How do I get through this?


I work.

I apply.

I pray.

I persevere.


More applications.

More money.

More time.



an acceptance.

Followed by tears of relief.


All that hard work

All those hours

All the pain


Worth it.


I am worth it.


No more out of control.

I have been, and always will be,

good enough.




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