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we are all brothers and sisters

the color of our blood is red

we live in this world once, at some point, we are all going to be dead

so why continue to ridicule a fat kid that looks like a Flintstone name Fred

don't you know people are so diverse that you even see a light skin person with dreads

this country conditions people to be injected in perception

instead of finding the cure for ignorance, it becomes an epidemic that needs methodology of reflection

so often, we are misguided by illusions that requires correction

this is why the world is immune to divide and conquer

we have the power to change that. we choose not to because the truth unfolds like a person that lies

to open our eyes doesn't mean change our alter egos like david banner and the hulk

it's to learn how to embrace people of all

this is what makes all of us stand tall

i'm no different than someone biracial that is down the hall

but yet, people continue to put up their wall

don't base acceptance on what it means in the dictionary

accept someone for who and what they are or be exile stranded in a place of no return called arbitrary

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I never thought I would read a poem on here that took my breathe away. Congrats! This is really amazing. Keep it up! Look forward to reading more of your work :)

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is honest at its purest and finest

we are all one whether we like it or nor

thank u so much 4 your comments-im very humble

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