Accept Me


accept me

i’m restless

everything is stationary

except me

i can’t breathe

accept me

talk to me

understand me

how do i say this without sounding selfish?

i like almost everything

except me

talk to me

ask me a question

in a room full of people

i’m drowning in my lonelines

i'm suffocating in emptiness

accept me

look at me

say something

why do you talk to everyone around you

except me?

can’t you see

how i sit here alone everyday?

accept me

i swear i’m friendly and sweet

to anyone but me

are you afraid of me?

give me a chance

accept me

i can’t stand to hear conversations with everyone

except me

i don’t understand

do you not like me?


you haven’t even tried to know me or

accept me

i feel so much frustration every day

why wont any one pull away from this?

how can i even begin to

accept me

when no one else will?

my face is hot

my hands are cold

am i worth that little to you?

you’re interested in everyone

except me

how can you expect me to love myself

when none of you even try to love me?

i’m being ripped apart with embarrassment

i wouldn’t feel so alone if there was no one in the room

except me

why won’t any of you understand how hard it is

to sit here and

accept me

when you won’t even attempt to

accept me

i feel like everyone here is important

except me.






Thanks so much! I'm glad you found it relatable, that's a huge goal for me when I write. 


This was based off one of my classes in particular where I knew everyone, but not well enough to start a conversation, and the discomfort and nervousness I felt everyday even though I wouldn't consider myself a shy person. 

Thanks for commenting (:

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