You speak words at me,

but words mean little.

You tell me things I don't want to hear,

things that break me down.

You tell me things I only dreamed of hearing,

things that make me sparkle.


But your words fade away,

your actions, tone, expression all take over.

The two, they don’t match at all.

And I don’t understand.

I’ve never understood why.

Why don’t you pick?


to love me or not?


You did pick.

Your words are simply a masquerade,

a way to hide your contempt.


I just wish you wouldn’t lie.

That hurts.

You don’t mean to, do you even know you do it?

But day after day, you bring me pain.


A pain greater than any other hurt.

you took what could go away,

and formed it into a constant ache.

a pit of absence,

a gaping hole in my life,

a pain that resembled a shear abyss.

or more simply, a hole where love should be.


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