The sun shines out,

yet her soul is in the abyss.
She's taking the wrong route,
to a place where everything is amiss.
Her heart longs for light
but her body leads her along
the path of smite
and of wrong. 
She knows it's all a big mistake
and yet she can't fight it.
She just wants to get out of the heartache;
to let go of her values and quit.
Quit being good and start having fun.
"Don't forget who you are"
Her choices they all shun,
and yet everyone seems so far.
Just jump in,
she thinks.
Just jump in
and let go.
What could be so bad,
just a little bit of joy.
A little bit of being mad,
just to enjoy the act of being coy.
Just let me be!!!!
She cries out,
not wanting the guilt.
Not wanting the pain.
She wishes she didn't know better.
So she chooses
to walk into the Abyss.


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