The Abused Girl Child

There! she sits gazing blankly into space,

A girl so lively and of a quick pace

Afraid to let anyone into her world                                                                                                         

Due to threats and terrible words

From her molester who could be her father

Or even a close brother

Could also be a randy neighbour who's a peodophile

Time  to sigh.{hmmmmmmmmmmm]

Our society has connived to shut her up

A conspiracy of silence from the top

Has made such an agile girl take a plunge into an oblivion state

And through my words I need a stand to take

That I am a voice for the voiceless girls subjected into fear

Who have  been abused even by those so near

Raped, molested, abused and psychologically torn

Yes! I am the voice of the girls so shunned and out worn


I here to stay and speak out for girls who are so precious

To speak up and not be threatned by mere threats

Of cowards who haven"t their equals met

Speak up girls and lets get those bruts behind bars

And free the world of those who shouldn't your image mar.

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This is a poem that emanated as a result of our society"s obvious silence on the issue of rape and incest. I am here to stay!


Thank you. Powerful read

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