Abuelita it's me

She looks at me
and squints her eyes.
Can she see me? Maybe.
Her eyes open wide
but when she wanted to see the world,
her eyes lied.
Abuelita it’s me, I’m here!
I’m standing right in front of her,
but she can’t see me even when I’m near.
She reaches out
and I held her hand.
but she wanted to know
whose hand she held, her demand.
Abuelita it’s me,
your granddaughter.
She shakes her head
and her eyes fill with water.
Mijita, forgive me sometimes I forget
I knew better than to blame her
not like she completely forgot yet.
But it saddens me to see,
her trying to fight it,
but she cannot be free.
5:40 in the morning.
It couldn’t be true.
I weeped and felt broken,
She didn’t push through.
I wonder if she can hear me, maybe.
So I pray to her,
Abuelita it’s me


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