Absence of Admiration

To be a model you have to at least be:


5'9" and about

110 pounds.


You have to be:








You have to have:


Clear skin

Blue eyes

Long blonde hair,

Full of volume.


To be an actress you have to be:






You have to have:


A strong voice

Awesome facial expression


"The look."



To be me, you have to at least be:


5’4” and about

128 pounds.


You have to be:


An introvert





You have to have:


Red skin from all of the acne

The average brown eyes

Short brown hair, full of curls.


You have to be:


Emotionally scarred.


You'll get that from your mother who was never really there.


Physically scarred.


You'll get that from that blue pair of scissors beside your bed.




You'll do that to yourself because the thought of food makes you nauseous.

But you'll eat anyway because you don't want to worry your parents.


Closed. Why?

Because opening up makes you too vulnerable and you've been hurt too many times before.




You'll be that way because society says you'll never be enough.




You will finally believe you are enough,

You will start to open up; like a flower on the first day of spring!


The scars,

      Both emotionally and physically,

               Will heal—are healing.


Everything you thought that was negative,

Someone will see as positive.


You will be loved and talked about in the highest to everyone.


Everything that tore you down,

Will build you up.


Because what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.


Everyone who left you,

Will regret it.


Because you will be successful and they will only wish they were there for your transformation.


Everyone who ever hurt you will never forgive themselves.

Because your strength surpasses the hurtful words.


All the tears that kept you up at night,

Will not any longer.


Because they will be tears of joy as you walk across the stage to accept your diploma,

On your way to be someone.


A confident,


Clear-skinned beauty.

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