Up Above Craves Down Below

In a sky full of stars and in a galaxy full of planets, the only thing I crave is to cast my gaze upon your face. Up above I lay in the dip of the moon, my fingers dangle feebly as if I were able to reach out and touch against your ever-moving surface.

I admire the way your temper courses throughout your body, how you lazily lap against the shore, in the way you simply do nothing but exist. I cannot help but be in awe of you. You seem to almost sparkle in the daylight, of which I can only catch sublet glimpses of.

I must admit I fall in love with you at night—when your waves beat to an unknown drum, when you crash against the shoreline to claw your way forward. Your currents seem to dance, pushing and pulling every which way.

Sighing, I begin to wonder what your voice would sound like.

Would it be loud and crass like your waves, ever insistent to be remembered? Or would it be soft and gentile like the smooth rolls of your usually untamed waves.

Perhaps you like to sing, I have seen your mere existence lure both foolish and brave hearted people alike attempt to tame you. They write stories of sirens luring those foolish to listen, but clearly it must be you bewitching them with your voice, as you have done to me.

How foolish and arrogant they all were—the sea cannot be contained by mere mortals. But I am envious of those who try—of those who are able to feel your embrace, temperance and all.

I begin to wonder, alone on the moon, how you would embrace me.

Would you see me as an equal, and embrace me as a friend? Or would you try to see how quickly I would sub come to your wrathful ways.

Perhaps you would be just as brutal against my skin like it is against those ships? If I were to show myself to you, would you be amazed that I can survive you? That I wish to love you?

One of the only ones able to push back against your wild nature yet dare not try to tame you. The sea is best left untamed, and like so many others I am enchanted by your beauty.

Trapped up above, I begin to wonder if you ever think of me in such a way?


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