About Me

If there's a chance in the world, 

I'll find interest, zeal, passion,

then I'll go rumbling down the road, 

without a second thought, 

even if it winds me into trouble, drama or danger

(when my parents had to call the poison control because I licked an outdoor paint brush) 

(or when a homeless lady tried to mug me and in the middle of it she started crying) 

(at the time, I thought nothing of the progressively sinking boat) 

am I absent minded? 

of course, 

but all of that ties into the thrill of discovery, the satisfaction, the oddities, 

(when I unintentionally discovered bull kelp can make a battle-horn like sound) 

( the time my drama teacher asked me to preform my pantomime of milking a cow in front of a crowd of five hundred) 

(And when realized I was a lesbian, I already had a girlfriend for several months)

and eventually, 

my lack of reservation becomes 



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