About Love

Let me tell you about love, but first


Love is not restricted to Adam and Eve nor Cain and Abel

Which reminds me love is able

It’s able to spur you on and humble you, pull you in and listen


Please don’t mistake hearing for listening, don’t think you’re understanding me when you’re just

Picking up my sound waves

Instead, pick up what I’m putting down

Empathize with my crying eyes and

Hold me

Hold me tenderly and judgment-free

Sometimes I just need you to hold me


It’s okay to argue

It’s okay to get mad

It’s okay to disagree with me, just talk to


Talk to me, not about me

Don’t whisper petty accusations that crack our solid foundation

Communicate and don’t fear the truth

Say the truth

Say it out loud

Don’t cover it up for my benefit

Love isn’t lies, it’s not deception, it’s not pushing my psyche to the breaking point


Mother loves child and

Husband loves wife or

Husband loves husband or

Wife loves wife and

Friend loves friend and

I love you, but first

Let me tell you about love

This poem is about: 
Our world


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