About Her Way


United States
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There was a boy a girl did like
Although he did not know.
She did decide to tell him so
One lonely summer night.

"Let us just stay friends," he said.
She sadly said "Okay."
He did not feel the same way.
She went about her way.

Confusing her often he does.
He seems sometimes as thought,
He has changed his mind, so.
She goes about her way.

All a sudden he does a change.
He gets kind of mean.
He never makes a move.
She goes about her way.

She does decide to hide her feelings,
Even through the pain.
She sees him daily, sun or rain.
And goes about her way.

Often she wonders hopelessly,
If he'll ev'r feel the same.
She know it's completely lame.
She goes about her way.

She tries to live in reality,
It is complicated.
The vast feelings he created,
Just will not seem to go away.
But still, she goes about her way.

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