About Cyber Bullying


It starts with a push, the decisive push on the enter key to explain to that man, or woman or boy or girl exactly what you think of them and their post. That push of the enter key telling that girl you saw today that she looked bad, and why doesn’t she try a little harder next time. It’s that same push that makes those horizontal red lines on the black, white, yellow, brown, purple arms of the world feel so good. It’s the enter key that sends so many of us into the hells of our own minds, where the devils Not Good Enough and Maybe Next Time dance around us and we’ll stay there, because there’s no way out. 
In this world where we have the right to remain silent because your tweets and posts will be used against you in a court of law or court of your peers, where you will be judged and sentenced to life trying to make yourself better but you’re already perfect..
What happens to a world where we act as though those screens are our shields, and if all hell breaks loose and your screen shatters you will be seen for what you really are, insecure and weak and no one will help you dry your tears, because you dug a hole too deep for anyone else to reach down and pull you up and it’s too late for you. 
In the world when we look around we think we’re looked at by our appearances, but it’s never that black and white, with the fires of instagram, Facebook and twitter burning down everything that seems pure and honest all we are left with are screens. Screens we feel safe behind, screens that encourage us to say anything we want.. Simply because we can.. 
And in that second before pushing the enter key who stops to think about what girl might try and end the story of her life because of a comment made by them.. 
But that’s more than a second, and the comment is already up there, and the girl, or boy, or man or woman; no matter how strong cannot withstand the social bullets being shot at them anymore, because we are more than just beings hiding behind our shields.. 
If I had a big x-Ray machine like Facebook to pan over the whole world, it would show that at our core we’re made up of the same things, bones, muscles, a heart… So why do we see someone who outwardly looks different and rank ourselves higher than them, and talk down to them just because we got handed a better deck of cards.. Why do we pity the unattractive like they’re supposed to wear designer clothes and shoes, why do we tip extra at mcdonalds but not at a restaurant.. As a society we feel powerful and strong but it comes down to just people, and as we know.. without their screens, people are weak and scared. But what if there were no screens and we had to tell people to their faces how we feel, press the real enter key and see the look on their face after everything they stand for and believe in has been torn down by our words, what if.. 
Where the words “say it to my face” are terrifying to the cyber bullies who get their strength from the tears of others, those are the ones who go home and cry and cry and cry, and at the end of the day, everyone is crying and everyone is broken and no one has a shield..


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