About the Author

I'm quite fastidious,

Not always felicitous,

I'm a living antilogy,

Nowhere near pedigree,

An interesting little package,

I don't have any baggage,

A walking contradiction,

I'd rather read fiction,

January Aquarius,

British rappers are hilarious,

Fan of obscure things,

I love it when the bell rings,

Want to be an illustrator,

Still can't figure out my calculator,

Is it weird to want to draw cadavers?

Not that it really matters,

I often get jittery,

Hate things that are glittery,

I'll learn to play the accordion,

Afraid to be the only one,

reads the dictionary for fun,

Can't wait for pre- calc to be done,

Still don't feel like a junior,

This has been, About the Author.


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