Abort this mission

it all happened at the dead of the night
with me not putting up that much of a fight
or even stopping to think of my decision
just knowing that him i did'n wanna be missin
but now i'm left to wonder should i abort this mission

to tell my mom
or wait till it shows
but every part of me think she already knows
but if i tell her i'm afraid i'll lose my home
so should i abort this mission

my friends all say that they will be there
but i'm still feel alone
like if i call them for help they won't pick up the phone
so should i abort this mission

baby dad is standing there whispering hate
and regret in my ear
telling me the thing i don't want to here pushing me
to abort this mission

so i'm left to think by myself
trying to figure if i can do this myself
but every part in my worried soul is telling me to.......
ABORT THIS MISSION                              


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