Aberrant Murder


Note: This poem was originally written for my band in which I play drums in. I became inspired to write it when I was bored in AP US History. We were watching a documentary on the Vietnam War, and it just surprised me just how much was hidden, and candy coated from the U.S. Citizens.



High in the ranks we've been given commands
Like thunder we storm in and crack foreign lands

Aberrant Murder
Vision's one blur

Letters are sent home they're better off burned
Emotions defaced countless lives over-turned

Abandon my temperament
Gone with all sentiment

Begging these faces out of my head
Cadavers are keeping my mind overfed

Come to the light soon
Gone from Evil's tune

Laying face down in one's red remains
Mind blown to shambles , I'm losing the reigns

Bell tolls are ringing
Eternity's singing






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