ABC's of Bullying

Afraid of being alone, but you always feel alone. So are you always afraid? You create a bubble to bury yourself inside. You can't keep calm during class. You drag yourself down all day. Even while you're encircled, you feel emotional empty. You're full of fright around fearless females. Everyone is giggling and gabbing, while you wish to grow gloomy. You hide after humiliating happenings. The intimating cliques make you feel inferior. The joyful judgmental people make you jealous. They keep away or kick and knock you down, no matter how kind you are. You laugh loudly around your "friends"and you still  feel lonely. They mock you, but misinterpret them as if they are joking. Do you know this means manipulation? You don't need negativity and you shouldn't feel nervous. This overbearing offense makes you feel outnumbered. It puzzles me how these persistent people are pleased by this poisonous play. Your quiet qualities shouldn't be questioned. You were robbed of your respect and now it should be renewed.You have been scared of school since seventh grade. Will someone save you from your silent suffering?  You're trapped in a terrible tunnel of torture. Soon you won't feel unattached or unloved, but feel unafraid and uplifted. Even through all the vain violence you will be victorious. You will walk on air as the wonderful individual that you always have been. The past of being x'd out won't ever xerox. You will feel youthful and new once it's over. You will no longer feel zero, but zealous for life. So, how does that make you feel?

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