The ABC'S of Beauty

Apple Apps and Android Accommodatores always allow likes and comments to allude to their


But Beauty does not Begin with Begging for Broadcasting on the Billboards of Social Media


 I Always allow myself to take a Break from the Belligerent nature of Certain sites.

Anytime you see me, I Begin to Blossom and Bloom and let my Creativity Course through the Cords of my Body.

It's Amazing what can be seen and Accomplished,

the Brightest of stars shine Best when they know their Capability.

Of Course, its Always Appreciated when someone Bellows their remarks on your Becomings.

But I must Be Careful not to let the Cordial Comments Conflict with my truth.

I Am worth more than the Analysis of those I have Befriended.

My Chocolate Color glows without the Application of an Assisting filter.

Brown eyes Burn softly in the Comfort of the night.

My Assets such As my mind and spirit Blast through the Connoisseurs of hate.

I realize that Anything is possible

there is no limit Between myself and the sky.

I Cannot Be Condensed inside a Box of Conformity.

My Beauty Becomes realized through my passions and Beliefs.

No filter, A hastag that needs to Be Circulated more often.



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