Abandoned Curtain

Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain.
She's just a body.
Just a cabinet, shoddy.
Look away, look back, look at the more certain.

You will like the image more.
She's confident, secure.
I mean, that is the allure.
She's honest, funny, nothing to answer for.

This girl behind the curtain, behind the mask.
She's got nothing to love.
She's nothing to take hold of.
Not even worth the task.

The girl back her feels like she has nothing to give, nothing to show.
Don't look too close, she's scared.
Don't look to close, she's unprepared.
Unprepared to let you look, let you know.

Maybe pay a little attention to this grl behind the curtain.
Maybe just try to make her see,
make her see how strong and amazing she can be.
This girl is unique, but she's scared, uncertain.

Mind this girl behind the curtain, behind the mask,
she's getting better.
Mind this girl in the shadows, the girl in this letter,
she's coming unmasked.

Pay no attention to this curtain,
the girl behind it is long gone, and it was left behind.


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