The word, biological,

Does not mean responsible.

As I was abandoned from birth,

A blessing in which appears a curse,

For I strenuosly strive with the thirst;

To shine in the eyes of the man who willingly dispersed.

The burning motivation to let him know,

That I was the son he should have never let go,

Deeply resides within the chaotic rationale of my mind

And pulsates through my veins, which circulately wind.

Through my determined nature, this concept is defined.

I will never once give up and never once decline!


















This how I feel about my father. Since I grew up in the early years with my grandaprents, I never really got to know my father. My paretns divroced shortly after my brother and I moved in with them and I lived with my father. Whenever I am with him, he makes comments on how I am fat. He doesn't want to know the real me or want to be with me. I undersand the motivation to be something amazing so that our fathers will realize that they should never have let us go. 

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