September 11th,                                          

                                                    A normal day in the city

                                                    Twin towers standing tall

                                          8:13 hit and then they began to fall

                                                  Our plane, our own plane!

                                                       September 11th,

                                                Went straight through

                                             Smoke began to fill the air

                                         Almost 3,000 die, was that fair?


                                      We all remember that day clear

                                           It changed the world

                                            People & citizens

                        Risked their lives to find their loved one

                                           Hours and hours,

                                            Blood and tears

                                           September 11th

                                     They heard loud yelps

                                      They’re trying to help

                                           September 11th

                                    Pushing and trying

                                    Not built for this task

                                   Fire fighters and policemen

                   And standby citizens come together to help civilians

                               This day, this very first day

                         12years ago we will always remember

                                      September 11th




                                          -Adriane K. Jackson

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