90: Maybe In Death

My minds demons are brusting to be free,

the neglect of my past keeps fueling in me.

Too many things left unspoken,

too many things left undone,

broken pieces of everything I love.

You were never the first to attack,

but you were quick enough to turn your back.


And I am sorry to the people I call "my family" who never fail to criticzine me,

who were never impressed by my personality,

Or in anything that I tried to do,

or who didn't favor by the dark ways I dressed.

All you people seem to do is cause me stress


Don't you know that I happen to miss the old me,

the girl who was always happy,

Or at the least pretened to be.

It's surrounding me, in the shadows creatures are shifting,

dancing around my soon to be grave.

They are singing, calling my name.


What is this darkness consuming me?

It seeps out every time I scream.

Can't take all this yelling anymore,

the life I had you just tore.

I can't hold this inside,

don't you know how many times I've wished that I died?

Just let me go in peace,

maybe in death I will find sleep.





This poem is about: 
My family


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