8 Second Life

He's Up Again, It's Time To Ride,

And The Thought Of Him Dying Never Leaves His Mind.

As He Puts on His Shirt, Pants, Buckle, And Boots, Then Finally His Hat,

He Looks In The Mirror, Just Like Dad.

The Crowd Roars And Yells His Name,

While He Prepares Himself For The Pain,

He Sits On The Beast, Wild And Red,

Never Knowing If This Leaves Him Dead.

Hand In The Air, 8 Seconds, He Say's A Quick Prayer.

The Beast Pulls And Tugs, Bucks And Busts,

But He Still Holds On, Not Accepting Defeat.

For He Is A Cowboy, Wild And Rough, 

The One That Smiles, Doing What He Loves.

He Picks Up His Hat, The Only One He Had, 

And Puts It On His Head, Just Like Dad.


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