77 Reasons Plus 4 More.


United States

Dear June 4th, 2017,


Why did you take him from us?

My sweet, Fat Boy,

Everyone’s happiness,

Someone’s Sanity,

Someone’s heart.

Someone’s Son

Everyone’s Friend.


Jaion I love you.

I miss you

I want you back

I need to know you are still here.

But you are not.

You are gone forever.

June 4th.

The hardest day of the year

The 4th, the hardest day of the month.

The 4th number is the hardest thing to comprehend.

The 4th took my friend at 17.


Number 77.

His number.

His reason to live.

The blessings he had were numbered. 77.

But God had 77 plus 4 more reasons to take him.



I love you.

Aiyana Southerland 

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My family
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