77 cents


Girls are not sugar, spice, and everything nice.

They're 77 cents to a man's 1 dollar. 

Lipstick, high heels, and skirts,

Getting choked by society's collar.

Be pretty, be quiet, take the abuse

Society is judging you, tightening the noose.

"Stay at home, be a mom, fill a stereotype but,

Don't stand up!" They say

You're voice won't be heard

But it's time we stand up

And speak the  chained words

"We want to be equal!"


But can we all be equal when

We all differ so greatly?

Do you really want equality?

When you have two kids,

One with a cut

Another with a broke arm

And you give them both a bandaid.

That is equality.

Ask for fairness.


Why can I not be paid on skill?

Why must my gender determine my pay?

I want to be a doctor, but the field is littered.

It is littered with the same biased that runs 

Through society like a raging river.

Skill doesn't matter. Determiniation,

hard work, sweat, blood, tears.

Throw those away. Give your self

An extension of sorts. Be sorry that

You were born with 2 x's 

Instead of an x and y. And pray

That you can make a decent living.


Girls are not sugar, spice, and everything nice.

They're 77 cents to a man's 1 dollar. 


Society has taught us that

Women are not worth as much as men.

But it is up to us, not just the women but the men

To boost each other up. 

Make work about skill, not about gender.

Bringing true fairness to the world.

Making things right. 

Making a change.

Because society has said that

I am not worth that much.


But I am.

I am worth my skills.

I am not sugar. I am not spice.

I am hard work, determination, sweat, blood, adn tears.

I am the late nights I spent studying.

I am the failures I have learned from. 


I am not sugar, spice, and everything nice

But I am worth my skills.


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This Poem brought tears to my eyes. This is strong This is Powerful.

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