7 Ways to see Las Vegas: The Reality

Tue, 06/25/2013 - 11:57 -- lorriam

Big beautiful lights,

brilliantly shining brightly.

Neon colors standing out

The night sky lit up,

leaving only few stars visable.


Cliques walking around, 

laughing and making fun.

Everyday is different; they're not even good friends.


Cars everywhere

Honking, Yelling, Crashing

Dangerous traffic


Alcohol changes people.

It makes them blind to the real world,

and they be come greedy.

Wanting more and spending more

Eventually they have nothing.


Looks are amazing;

big beautiful, bright, fun clean, carefree

Sometimes only in pictures...


A kid says the wrong thing to the wrong one.

What a fool.

He walks home from school

Although it's a bright sunny day, he has no fun.

The kid never makes it home...


Exciting laughter can be heard 

They laugh with eachother at every mistake of their own

Enjoying every moment of their lives

No matter where each of them end up when older

they know they will always hear that exciting 

laughter from their unforgettable childhood in the big city.

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