7 Waky Ways To Grab Your Attention

Sun, 07/20/2014 - 13:13 -- k.mo.


Five things you just won't believe 

This man did something so shocking so he could achieve

This terryfing picture of a cat will make you have questions

Wait, first, may I make a suggestion? 

How about you report on things that matter

Instead on repeating mindless chatter

Clickbait sites have ruin my trust

Wondering if this 'hilarious' video will be a bust

This false adverstisement must stop now

Journalism's turning into a circus, so take a bow!

Hopefully, we all will see their games

and shake our heads from our past shame

Realize not to fall for it

Stoping the annoyance, so don't submit

To all the clickbait stories and pictures

And stop letting this trash we call news get richer




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