7 Pounds and 21 Inches


Hi Mommy,

You do not know that I am here yet,

But  I know you will love me,

I am so small right now,

I am growing everyday.


Hi mommy,

You just found out I am here,

And you do not know what to say,

I am right here mommy,

There is no need to cry.


Hi Mommy,

You just saw me for the first time,

But I cannot see you.

I am squirmy and ticklish,

Though you still cannot feel me yet.


Hi Mommy,

Your voice is so pretty,

And I love to hear you speak,

I am still little,

But you make me feel safe.


Hi Mommy,

Your hand is squishing me,

But I kind of like it,

I think I am getting bigger,

Because I am taking up more room.


Hi Mommy,

You and daddy sound excited,

And you keep repeating “Oh boy!”

I do not know why that is yet,

But you sound so happy.


Hi Mommy,

I know you can feel me now,

And you giggle when I move,

So if me moving makes you happy,

I will wiggle some more.


Hi mommy,

It’s getting kind of cramped in here,

But that is ok,

I have a little more growing to do

I know you will keep me safe.


Hi Mommy,

I think I am too big now,

And I want to stretch out,

I see a bright light,

And my voice is so loud.


Hello Mommy,

It’s so good to finally meet you,

And daddy too,

You say how much you love me,

Well mommy, I love you too. 


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