7 Hearts with no beat

Please take me away! Why me? I have never felt my heart pound as hard as it did in that moment! I never want to feel that way again-feeling useless and letting my body be devoured by fear. Tears would not escape my eyes but I know they wanted to. Those words echanged should have never bolted out of their mouths. Things escalated to quick like the forming of an enourmous wave and it crashing right on top of you! Nightmares fill my mind and they are somewhat comforting, I try not to think to hard but my mind cannot be at ease day or night. So many feelings enter my body-some invited other banished. I looks at my siblings and I know that I am not alone in this hurricane of reality that is trying to destroy my home. I take one more look at my siblings and I know that we are not complete- we all have a layer of skin that has been burned off but were managing to survive.

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