6 Candles

Some days I wish I would've never met you.
Never have fallen for that smile,
For that laugh,
For those eyes. 
Some days I wish we could start again.
From day one,
From when you walked through the door
From 'Hi.'
Some days I wish I were braver.
To look you in the eye for more than 5 seconds
To ask how are you doing,
To say 'I still love you'.
Some days I wish I would just forget you.
Because I hate this feeling,
I feel stuck,
I feel a pain in my chest. 
Some days I wish I could drift away.
Drift away forever at sea
Away from everything,
Away from not knowing what to do.
Some days I wish my thoughts would be kind.
So that I could finally be at peace,
So I'm not doubting myself about everything,
So that I can be the old me again
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