6 AM6 AM, waking up,Going


6 AM

6 AM, waking up,
Going to take a shower.
7 AM, walking out,
The door to catch the bus.
8 AM, bell is ringing,
Students hurrying to class.

Some are complaining,
“Didn’t do homework”,
“I got no sleep”,
Are only a few.
Teachers go by staring,
With their cold yet warm eyes,
Encouraging every student
To reach their full potential.

12 PM, bell still ringing,
Students hurrying to the café,
Trying to grab the best looking food.
Everyone in their cliques,
Laughing at jokes,
Creating memories that will last forever.

2 PM, bell ringing yet again,
Students jumping with joy.
Some go to catch the bus,
Some go to their car,
Others stay for even longer.
Theatre, sports, science club,
All are but the same.
Staying all hours of the night,
Perfecting their skills,
Trying to become perfect.

6 PM, music blaring,
Studying and doing homework.
Hours go on, finally done,
Time to go to bed?
Staying up until 1,
Complaining that you can’t sleep,
But in reality,
Social media keeps you up.

6 AM, waking up,
Ready to do it all again.


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