58,299 NAMES

On a black granite wall.

None above another.

In rank or awards.

All equal.

In death.

As it should be.

In Honor Glory.

We pray.

Eternal Rest.

May they lay.

In honor of all who served 
During the Vietnam War 
Former Staff Sergeant 
Ricardo Jacques USMC

This poem is about: 
My country


MillRatUSMC aka Ricardo

19 May 2017

I was at a 'moving Vietnam Memorial wall' that no longer moves.

By the VA hospital in Altoona, PA.

On viewing some names of men I knew before Vietnam.

It dawn on my mind; the names are all the same.

No mark for a General nor the lowest Private.

No mark for medals; Medal of Honor to a Bronze Star.

As it should be, all equal in death and we honor them all.

As a veteran of that war, I have a vested interest.

Poetry is a way for me to honor the men and women.

Whose names are on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

Its correct name because the idea for this wall came the veterans of that war.



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