5 Year Old Dreams Turn into 16 Year Old Nightmares Full of Memories

When the 5 year old you’s stuck in your 16 year old skin,

but that 5 year old you was hiding under a table watching

Your mom loses her temper and takes it out on your dad,

yet all you can ever do is keep sitting quiet and sad


Its sad when your 6, living the nightmare from past dreams,

or maybe the times you sat in your room hearing screams

The things that you witness can never be unseen,

in public your mom makes fun of you, causing a scene


Now your 7 years old afraid to stay home and scared of school,

the more you stay the worse it gets but the 2nd grades getting cruel

Who knew a kid didn't need to be in middle school yet to be bully,

never knew your abcs, got picked on dont worry still said it beautifully


8 years in this house and your dad has to go,

Mom blames it on the money but the abuse is all I know

the next day I wake up to a new guy who thinks hes my dad,

Month goes by and the abuse starts again isn't it sad


Being 9 and your only friend is rushed to the hospital and dies,

only in fourth grade how was I supposed to compromise  

Her mom comes in and her bullies act as if they were her friend,

the reality here is I was the only true one until the end


Growing up fast, now your 10 and a victim of 2 abusive people,

hoping god will give that escape,that you been praying for at the steeple

Moved from the place I grew up in to the place where it got worse,

happy for my brothers to move away from the curse


Turning 11 was sitting in a room and being depressed,

made a friend next door and she knew why I was stressed

So young to drink and smoke to relieve the pain,

but you did anything to have the thoughts out of your brain


Now your 12 sitting on the couch when fake dad gets a call,

rushing in the rain because your grandmother wasn't talking at all

Broke every bone and lost too much blood when the car hit,

didn't want to leave her at the grave so stayed for a bit


Being 13 was a struggle to be alone,

cops were called and mom had the phone

Moved because neighbors saw too much,

remember the day I was thrown out the door yelling don't touch


When you were 14 you were to scared to tell someone,

witnesses stay quiet but has seen what has been done

No one believed the girl with black and blues from her step dad,

mom lied to cops and covered her boyfriend so he wouldn't get mad


Your 15 and get a job to put food in the empty space,

have to move because money's too much to face

Dads homeless and you are in the hotel with mom,

almost down to dads level but you have to stay calm


Now that 16 year old skin you live in is leaving it all,

kids peace twice is better than getting thrown against a wall

Confused to feel bad for mom has cancer and cant make it much longer,

like always one thing to remember is to always be stronger


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world



That's a very sad poem you wrote about the terrible things that have happened to you.

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