3rd Eye

Wed, 07/17/2013 - 18:40 -- Chey


How do I survive in a world full of pain?

Everyday my psyche inches closer and closer to becoming insane,

I analyze my surroundings and try to change my path,

surrounded by pain, wickedness, and wrath ,I look up to the sky and pray for change,

because Jah gave me this gift this third eye in my brain,

it stands between these two green eyes that help me see,

the wonderful, beautiful, talented pilot I have came to be,

Really we all have the power to succeed at everything and anything we choose to be,

Im trying to plant this seed and grow this tree,

so me and the United PIlots can sit at our Holy table and feast,

just give Jah faith and you will soon beileve

that he will grant your wishes and your wildest dreams

stay silent keep the secret and always peep the scene,

The people around you reflect yourself like a light beam.....



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