365 days

365 days.
I went from turning 17 and seeing a rated R movie in January,
to paying for a date that I was taken on in Febuary.
Wishing my mother a happy birthday over the phone because distance doesnt allow a face to face, in March.
From Joking with my dad about being a druggie like those who surround me in April,
to dissapointing him by getting my first speeding ticket in May. 
Getting released as a junior and finally being able to call myself a senior, in June,
and then messing up my sleep schedule in July and loving the memories made as to why.
Wiping my baby sisters tears off of her cheeks because her birthday was overcome by the pure evil of drugs in August. 
Telling my sister im proud of her for being 19, raising a kid, and still attending college, in September.
Louisiana State University accepting me in October,
And patiently waiting for gold in November and December


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