A 365 day orbit

It all started with too many tears over a boy who shouldn’t have had control over my life


I wasn’t the only one in tears

So I decided to help another lost soul




His toxicity spread through my veins forcing my body to shut down

For a whole month I felt nothing

I was an empty vase waiting to be shattered


Despite everything I found a new family to care for me

They polished me up

I wasn’t shining

But I was no longer a damaged dusty dingy vase


Eventually it was time to say goodbye

To everything and everyone I had ever known

With a purple cap on my head and an empty case in my hand I looked at everyone around me

After that day I would never see some of them ever again

I thought it’d be sad

It ended up being a relief


A handsome face and bad feelings pushed aside

Smiles and laughs covering for the manipulation that flowed underneath

Ending in the worst form of betrayal



A month of late night searches

Every drive led nowhere

Keep driving and regret everything

Despicable crimes I didn’t mean to commit

A plea for forgiveness

Forgiveness that I would never accept


New doors, New faces, New beginnings

Everything is different but it all feels right

One hundred choices to make everyday

But in each moment I can only choose one




Nights with boring people and I feel as if I cannot breathe

One person like me and I feel liberated


Kind words and my closed heart opens up again

Everyone notices the smile on my face

It had been 365 days since they last saw it

Things change

I’m overwhelmed with uncertainty


It all ends with too many tears over a boy who shouldn’t have controlled my life.


Three hundred and sixty five days and it all came full circle

Yet I am not the same person as I was before

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