The 360 Degree Turn


United States
37° 42' 14.5872" N, 97° 18' 49.878" W

I love
I wish I could be happy
I wish I could be like the old me
Where I didn’t care about boys
I don’t know how I changes
I just did

I wish I could always be happy
I miss my old self
When I looking in the mirror confused
I don’t recognize this stranger in front of me
Seeing the similarities to someone I know
Not knowing who she is

Similar outer looks to me
But this person is not who I am
I don’t lie, steal, or cheat
What have I become
Living in this lie
Wanting to be different

Wanting to be the old me
The sweet caring person I used to be
Silently me crying, screaming for help want to change
Not able to show my feelings
Frightened, no were to go
No were to escape

No one caring why I am who I am
Everyone teasing me
Making fun of how I look
No one cares for my feelings
Getting screamed at day and night
Not knowing what to do wanting to change

No were escape to, from the voices
All around me none stop
No one to talk to
Giving signal no one notices
The way I am
Feeling frighten all the time

Having to be perfect
No way to show what is happening
Wanting to speak
Not knowing who to trust
Wanting to be help
Loving the wrong things and failing in life

Wishing for the best
Holding on to everything that feels good
Trying to hide everything
Acting peaceful
Helping others over everything
Wanting to be love

Seeing things different
Knowing the truth of this world
Wanting to change the truth
Not knowing if it’s good or bad
Wanting to forget the past
Seeing the change

Never being the same for the rest of my life
Looking back remembering cry in pain
Wanting to blind once again not knowing the pain
Knowing that the truth of this world hurts

I always love
I wish I could always be happy
Changing every day
Little by little Day by day
Wanting to be the old exciting girl
Not caring for anything around her


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